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The Place at 117 | Spring Cleaning Hacks for Your Apartment
Spring will be here soon!  It’s almost time to open up those windows to let in the sunshine and fresh air – but yikes!  Look at all that grime and clutter that have built up over the winter months!  Here are some simple solutions for cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering your apartment this spring.

1.       Hard water marks on the faucets?  Cut a lemon in half and wipe down the faucets with the lemon wedge, then rinse.  The citric acid cuts through the build-up. 

2.      White vinegar is great for removing mineral build-up on shower heads.  Fill a bag with vinegar, secure it over the shower head with a rubber band, and let it soak overnight.  Just wipe down and run your shower for a few seconds the next morning before hopping in. 

3.      Baking soda is perfect for cleaning out stainless steel sinks.  Wet the sink and faucet, sprinkle with baking soda, and scrub with a sponge.  Add some salt for extra scrubbing power!
4.      Clean up a crusty microwave with the remainder of your lemon from Tip #1.  Cut half a lemon into wedges and squeeze the juice in ½ a cup of water, then put the rinds in as well.  Microwave the mixture for 3 minutes and let it stand for 5 more minutes with the door closed.  The steam will loosen up debris and allow you to wipe it away with ease!

5.      Do you notice lots of dust blocking up your air vents?  Wrap a butter knife with a thin rag to wipe in between the vent slats. 

6.      Use a window squeegee to pull up pet hair that has collected in your rugs and carpets. 

7.      Reorganize your fridge and cabinets with a “Lazy-Susan.”  This is a great time to throw out unused or outdated spices and condiments as well. 

8.      De-clutter your drawers and access your spring/summer wardrobe more easily by folding and arranging your clothes vertically in the drawer, rather than stacking them horizontally.