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The Place at 117 | Winter Weather Tips for Apartment Living
Winter in Illinois can be tough - especially in the months of January and February.  Here are some tips to keep in mind to protect your apartment and your belongings from the hazards of severe winter weather.  

1.  Keep heat at 70 degrees or above to help prevent frozen or burst water pipes.  Remember that many leases require heat to be set at a certain temperature all throughout the winter.  
2.  NEVER TURN YOUR HEAT OFF - even if you are leaving your apartment for a few days.  
2.  Your heat alone is not enough to prevent freezing in extreme temperatures - allow all sink and tub faucets to drip slightly.
3.  If you notice any problems with your heating system or with water not working, notify your property maintenance team immediately.
4.  Keep windows closed and locked.  
5. Open all kitchen and bathroom cabinets to allow heat to reach the walls/pipes.  
6.  Be careful when travelling outside of your apartment.  Sidewalks and parking lots will likely be icy, as salt and de-icers are ineffective at extremely low temperatures.  

Keep these helpful tips in mind to stay safe and warm this winter!