Place at 117 is a Living-Learning Environment, made especially for students!

We want your college student to be successful throughout their career at the University of Illinois. They need a good foundation and support to gain this success. At Place at 117, we want to help support their productivity by giving them a fully equipped computer lab and printing. We want to keep them healthy with a state-of-the-art fitness center. We also want to help them relax by giving them a resort style pool for lounging. Place at 117 meets every need that your student will have while in college so they can achieve what they came here for in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Individual leasing means peace of mind for you. Your financial responsibility is only for your student’s space unlike many apartments or rental houses where a joint lease is signed. If a roommate transfers to another school or moves out of The Place at 117 for any reason, you do not have to worry about having to cover their portion of rent. This is just another reason why The Place at 117 is your student’s best housing option!

The Place at 117 has On-Site Management and a full Community Assistant staff that lives on-site and is able to help your student whenever needed. Our maintenance staff will respond to your student’s maintenance issues quickly and professionally. The Place at 117 offers 24 hour emergency maintenance as well so that your student’s comfort is not affected.

If your student does not have a roommate in mind, we can find them one! We will have them fill out a Roommate Matching sheet so we know what they are looking for in a roommate. We will spend weeks looking at these preferences and matching them up with the best person we can find!

While the main focus of your student’s college career will be about graduating and getting a fulfilling job, they also need to have fun along the way. At The Place at 117, your student will create life-long relationships and connections that will make them even more successful. Our Community Assistant staff plans monthly resident events to get them involved. These events range from pizza parties, basketball and volleyball tournaments, to pool parties. We will also keep our residents connected to events going on at The University of Illinois and the surrounding schools so they don’t miss anything! We want your student to succeed, and that’s why we thought of them while designing The Place at 117 as a Living-Learning environment.